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Welcome to MARS, the newsted theme of IM NOMADE. You can use this theme to create your E-shop, extions of
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This theme will guide you in taking the risk to try to make a new stayment, created your MARS like you are the first person how sets the first step on MARS .

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MARS is a flexible theme that focuses on you and your company. Play with the flexible boxes and create your MARS.

Tell me a fun fact

The ancient Greeks called the planet Ares, after their god of war; the Romans then did likewise, associating the planet’s blood-red colour with Mars, their own god of war. Interestingly, other ancient cultures also focused on colour

To China’s astronomers it was ‘the fire star’, whilst Egyptian priests called on ‘Her Desher’, or ‘the red one’. The red colour Mars is known for is due to the rock and dust covering its surface being rich in iron.

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